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Agusta A109 K2 - Fuselage kit

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Style Ord.No. 9020.e

Size Standard Edition

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Agusta A109 K2 - Fuselage kit
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  • Agusta A109 K2 - Fuselage kit

    $32.99 $69.99
  • AH-64 Apache- Fuselage kit


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The A109 is a 700 size scale helicopter. You can power this remote-controlled model helicopter with gasoline (benzin) or electric propulsion. Agusta (later Agusta Westland) is the creator of the man-carrying version and produces this helicopter. The full size version of the Agusta 109 K2 is used for high-altitude and high-temperature operations with fixed wheels rather than the retractable wheels of most A109 variants. Typically used by police, search and rescue, and air ambulance operators. The Swiss Air Rescue REGA prefer the Agusta to the BK 117 and the red and white colours are recognised throughout the world.

For AW109 we recommend a maximum main rotor speed of 1500 rpm. Electric drive sets are already tuned to this head speed.

Select one of the following drive types:

Benzin Mechanics

The benefit of a gasoline helicopter is a robust, easy-to-use engine for long flight times. The fuel is available at every petrol station (2-stroke mix). Kit Ord.No. 9020 contains the bulkheads for the gasoline mechanics. If the engine noise in flight does not disturb you, you will enjoy this classic drive system for model making.

Electric Mechanics 1002/80

Our propulsion recommendation for this helicopter! Contemporary mechanics, especially designed for the scale model electric flight. The mounting points in the fuselage are identical to those of the petrol engine. Therefore, the mechanics can be used in almost all kits that also fit the petrol mechanics of VARIO (in this case Ord.No. 9020). Electric motors are quiet, low in vibration, without exhaust gases and residual thrust. The blade slap noise of the rotor blades is more noticeable than with other types of propulsion and the result is a true-to-life impression in flight. For this electromechanical system you can choose between two drive sets: for 10S or 12S LiPos.

Electric conversion of the Benzin mechanics

Use kit Ord.No. 9020 for conversions of the petrol mechanics to electric motor drive. The strong and rigid aluminum side frames from the petrol mechanics are very suitable for the powerful electric motors being used in model helicopters today. Electric motors provide very quiet operation with low vibration, and no exhaust gases or oily mess to clean up. Model flights are much more realistic without the noise of the petrol engine, and the electric drive is so quiet that even the sound of the rotor blades can be heard in flight. Electric conversions are easy to accomplish using the suitable VARIO drive sets to achieve the optimum system speed for the 87:21 ratio. You may choose between 10S or 12S LiPo battery cells when selecting the conversion drive set that will be right for you.

Skyfox-Electric Mechanics

The Skyfox mechanics is a classic, VARIO original product. Where glow plug nitro engines used to be, today a small, powerful electric motor drives your rotorcraft. Skyfox, that stands for lightness as it is desired in electric flight resulting in longer flight times. The kit with Ord.No. 9021 contains the frames for the Skyfox mechanics. For this electromechanical system we offer a drive set for 10S LiPos.

X-Treme-Electric Mechanics

Light and torsion-resistant electro-mechanics derived from the proven variant for nitro based fuels. The purple anodised aluminium elements are characteristic of this model. Kit Ord.No. 9021 is intended for the installation of these mechanics. Drive sets for 10S and 12S LiPos are available.

Benzin propulsion option - Build suggestion

First build a VARIO petrol trainer (Ord.No. 8311) in the pod and boom configuration and fly, later install the mechanics in your scale fuselage. Advantage: You buy the mechanics components at a reasonable price and can learn the flying characteristics of the Benzin Trainer. The trainer mechanics can be built into all kits for gasoline mechanics or the electric mechanics Ord.No. 1002/80 and 1002/82. If you exchange the Benzin Trainer's 2-blade head to a multi-blade scale head, the reduction ratio must be adjusted. It is an easy conversion and the VARIO support network is always available to assist with the change.


  • 15-part GRP fuselage
  • window set
  • laser cut wooden formers
  • stainless steel tail rotor shaft (Ø 6 mm)
  • spring-loaded 3-wheel undercarriage
  • various small parts

Agusta A109 K2 - Fuselage kit

Sale price USD $32.99 Regular price USD $69.99

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